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What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Nov 06 2018
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)  is quickly becoming one of the most versatile uses for healing. Originating as a healing mechanism for bones and to speed up post-surgery recovery time, it has now turned a new leaf, to promote the growth and nourishment of hair follicles.  With this new wave of PRP desire reaching an all-time high, there are a few things that people should know to determine if this ... Read More

Ways To Prevent Hair loss From Tight Hair Styles

Nov 07 2018
It would seem like common sense if something is uncomfortable, don't do continue to do it. However, in today's world, many people feel the need to compromise with pain for beauty. When someone wears tight, high ponytails or tight braids it puts tension on your hair follicles. Follicles are small pockets of your skin that surround the root of a hair. The nerves and blood vessels in your scalp feed th... Read More