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Why The Hair Transplant Robot Will Not Deliver The Same Result As A Skilled Surgeon

Oct 02 2018
       Although technology is the driving force of our society, sometimes the human touch delivers unmatched results, even against our A.I. counterparts. There are many companies building robots to perform hair transplant surgeries, however, there are numerous reasons why the hair transplant performed by a robot will deliver subpar results in comparison to a skilled surgeon.   ... Read More

Celebrity Stylist Speaks the Truth About The Damage Hair Extensions Can Cause

Oct 09 2018
Her clients are A-listers…think Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. However, hairstylist to the stars, Kim Kimble is growing more and more concerned with the growing number of her African American clients who are experiencing hair loss.  So she is issuing a warning to the black community about the chief causes to why the black community is more susceptible to hair loss and what solutions, if an... Read More

Eyebrow Transplants Are the Hottest New Thing For Fierce Brows

Oct 12 2018
In today's world, beauty trends come and go as quickly as the seasons. However, something that never goes out of style is the eyebrow. Ah yes, these face defining bushes can seemingly change the whole facial structure. From bushy brows to thin, to filled, to shaved off, to drawn on, the possibilities are endless.      The hottest trend on maintaing "fleeky" eyebrows is ha... Read More