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FUE VS FUT Choosing The procedure That’s Right For You

Sep 04 2018
Congratulations! You are finally embarking on the journey of hair restoration! Deciding to finally take action with your hair loss is the hardest step. Now that you have that out of the way, other questions often begin to surface.   The number one question we get at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is 'how do I decide which procedure is right for me?'   There are two types of ... Read More

Smart PRP® Giving Women Their Confidence Back

Sep 07 2018
More than 25% of women are balding or have thinning hair. The causes of this hair loss can range from stress, various illnesses, inadequate nutrition, and hormonal change.  For women, losing hair and going for the 'Mr. Clean' look, like their male counterparts, is not an option. As women begin to lose their hair, many begin to shut down socially; it’s not uncommon for them to withdraw fro... Read More

Ways To Hold Onto Your Falling Hair

Sep 18 2018
For many people, when experiencing hair loss they believe that there is nothing to be done on their own time and that a doctor is needed to cease this cycle. However, it is very important to be proactive with one's hair loss.   Hair transplants are amazing for re-growing hair in an area where you have completely lost, however, what if you did not have to completely lose the hair in that area?... Read More