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What is a Beard Transplant?

Jan 03 2018
While it's always been a go to accessory for a man, it’s no secret that beards are a current trend. Some men opt to stick with a simple goatee or they may go as far as sporting the “wilderness” man look for Movember (we love to help bring awareness to mens health, as well). Either way it's nice to have options. Unfortunately, some men might have trouble growing out a beard. So... Read More

Award Winning Hair Restoration Surgeon, Dr. John Kahen

Jan 04 2018
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is proud to have Top Hair Restoration Surgeon, Dr. John Kahen. The Aesthetic Award has been given to Dr. Kahen 2 years in a row: 2016-2017, along with the Aesthetic Everything award in 2017. Dr. Kahen is honored to be recognized as the best hair restoration surgeon by his colleagues.   Having the best hair restoration surgeon work on your hair goals is the differen... Read More

How often will I need PRP?

Jan 05 2018
Platelet Rich Plasma will help maintain your hair’s density along with aiding the prevention process. Each case is unique and we customize our treatment plans to fit your level of hair loss. We recommend our patients come in every 6-9 months for a follow-up injection. In the same respect as Botox, SmartPRP® needs to be maintained. Committing to regular visits will only benefit your hair’s de... Read More

Why do you lose hair?

Jan 09 2018
Why do you lose hair?   Hair loss is common in women and men, either way, it’s emotionally draining. There are plenty of reasons for losing hair. The process can be simple and temporary with an issue such as vitamin deficiency or more complicated, like an underlying health condition. Both men and women can suffer from hormone imbalances that cause hair loss or hair thinning. A simple e... Read More

Robotic Hair Transplant vs Manual Hair Transplant

Jan 11 2018
A Robotic hair transplant is a procedure where a physician guides the robot in the FUE Hair Transplantation. While a robot is performing the procedure the physician and the medical techs are assisting in the graft selection, along with mapping out the desired donor area. The main difference during a personal procedure at BHHR is the physician in selecting the grafts as he’s personally harvesting the g... Read More