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Selfies Increase Demand for Hair Restoration

Sep 26 2016
Well, it’s official- the selfie has dominated social media! In the quest for the perfect selfie, some folks seem to have decided that no photo-editing app is good enough to smooth out the wrinkles: nothing less than old-school cosmetic surgery will do. An annual study showed that one in three surveyed doctors have seen an increase in requests for surgery due to patients’ dissatisfaction with ... Read More

Hair Loss News: Hair Cloning

Sep 26 2016
Will we ever be able to solve the age-old problem of hair loss? Current surgical methods and products in the market today, simply cannot produce new hair. The art of surgical hair restoration is rearranging the patient’s existing DHT-resistant hair follicles for an appearance that looks fuller. But no new hair is added. Current surgical methods are very labor intensive. The obvious key to improving... Read More

What is Acell?

Sep 26 2016
Acell is a new advancement in regenerative medicine, that uses naturally occurring collagen to heal and remodel damaged cells. Acell uses a re-absorbable  extracellular matrix to stimulate the body’s own cells to encourage new tissue growth, known as “auto cloning”. This product is then implanted into damaged  tissue, such as acute wounds and burns or to compliment other surgical... Read More

Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant NeoGraft..

Sep 26 2016
Follicular unit extraction is one of two primary ways to attain follicular units for hair transplant surgery. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is harvesting individual units that are extracted from the patient’s donor area and then utilized for hair transplantation. It’s different form strip-harvesting because a strip of hair is removed from the donor hair then dissected into individual units to... Read More