Another technique for follicular unit transplantation is with strip harvesting. In this procedure performed at our Los Angeles hair transplant clinic, a strip of scalp is removed from the back of the scalp. The wound is then sutured back together and the piece of scalp tissue are then cut into small pieces of tissue called grafts which are then transplanted back in to the thinning area of the patient’s head. This method does leave a linear scar on the back of the head. The visibility of the scar is dependent on the technique of the Doctor – Our clinic ensures the smallest visible scar possible.


Your Hair Transplant

Your hair transplant procedure at BH Hair Restoration is a simple outpatient procedure customized to your needs. Here is a step-by-step guide of the strip harvest technique for a typical patient.



Anesthesia and removal of the donor hair

After we plan where the hairline will be, you will receive local anesthetic and he will remove the donor strip. He then sutures the donor area – this usually leaves a thin scar that can be covered up by your hair.



Separation of follicular units under powerful microscopes

Then the physician assistants divide each into a follicular unit under powerful microscopes to ensure quality control as well as natural results.



Creation of customized blades for transplant

Our clinic specializes in customized incision blades based on the size of your follicular units. We adopted this innovative technique to yield natural growth of the hair in the donor area.



Quality Control

Every single follicular unit is carefully analyzed under the microscope by the physician for quality and growth potential.




Growth and survival rate of the transplanted hair to be maximum.

The transplanted hair appears natural and is fully synchronized.

Aesthetically -natural hairline is no more a dream.

The transplanted hair to retain the originality.


Follicular Unit Grafting Technique is becoming increasingly popular among patients. This new hair restoration technique has rejuvenated the hope of burgeoning number of men and women who suffer from acute hair loss. Today's follicular hair transplants tend to be denser than in the past. Aided by powerful microscopes and better surgical instrumentation. Dr. Kahen is able to create remarkably natural results for patients. The best hair restoration surgeons also possess the skills needed to design the micro-elements of the hairline, at the transplant recipient site level. This is where size of the site, angulations, orientation and spacing all come into play. These surgical and aesthetic skills ultimately determine how the hair will grow into outstanding, newly-created hairlines.