John Kahen, M.D. is the founder and medical director of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. He is one of the leading hair transplant surgeons to offer world class hair transplant results using innovative techniques in hair restoration surgery. Dr. Kahen entered private practice exclusively as a hair restoration surgeon in Beverly Hills in 2007, and proudly retains membership with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures and implanted more than 10 million follicles.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Dr. Kahen completed his medical education at Ross School of Medicine.
His General Surgery internship and residency were performed at North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital in Manhasset, New York, and at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City. His training and research continued at New York University (NYU) affiliated hospitals in Organ (liver and kidney) transplant surgery. He earned top percentile score on his American Board of Surgery in service examinations during his training.

It was a combination of his passion and his own personal experience with hair restoration surgery that encouraged Dr. Kahen to pursue this field. Dr. Kahen is the author of a published patient hand book, “Your New Hairline” that describes the basic of hair restoration surgery and educates patients on most advanced techniques in hair restoration.
What makes Dr. Kahen different? The combination of his artistry, detail oriented personality, rigid surgical experience, including the knowledge of delicate art of organ transplant surgery. He is among few hair transplant surgeons worldwide to incorporate the science of organ transplant into hair transplant surgery.

What makes his private practice unique is his personalized approach. A combination of individual care, utilizing only top notch technicians with combined 40 years of experience in hair restoration, use a advanced personalized custom technique, refined and individual tailored follicular unit transplant technique, and no linear scar technique of follicular unit transplant. With these tools, he is able to consistently perform a superior and undetectable result both at the transplanted area and at the donor site.

Dr. Kahen practices is limited exclusively to surgical hair restoration and hair loss prevention. He employs a team of full-time technicians for every surgery and utilizes binocular microscopic dissection of the donor follicles to obtain the finest follicular grafts possible. Quality control, customized hair transplant technique is at the core of Dr. Kahen’s approach to hair restoration and few clinics can compare to his level of refinement anywhere in the world.

Dr. Kahen believes that the most important goal in hair restoration surgery is patient satisfaction, therefore, his primary practice focus is to simply make my patient’s happy. I achieve this goal by listening carefully during my surgical consultations and aligning my patient’s desires with realistic expectations. Honestly is my only policy and I pride myself on providing a thorough and straightforward surgical consultation. I strongly believe that the best results are natural and undetectable.